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Monday, October 22, 2012

One more sleep ......

One more sleep.....and you're off!!!

We never know where, exactly, our journeys' might take us to, but we do hope that it lands us at a place we had hoped for....or at least pretty close.  We make these crazy decisions in life, then sit, with baited breath, waiting to see if it was worth it.  Well, in Brett's case, I damn well hope so!!

Our family have the most wonderful 'surrogate' family members here in America.  We are one very fortunate family to have family both far and near.
On a whim, I decided to give Brett a little send-off.  He had NO idea, I had it all sorted as a surprise, and everything went way too smoothly, until we drove up to the side of the house and Brett was getting window replacement lessons from Noah, and saw the cars pull up.  A very confused Brett, wondering why Ed was following his wife in her car, finally put it together and laughed his ass off.   The day was filled with conversations with his 'peeps', wine, beer, laughs, hugs and many cheers.  Oh ...... and possibly the BEST poster ever...Thanks Jess!!!  You rock star!

What's not to love, right? Right!  Jess is the pro at making any occasion just that more special by throwing in a completely unexpected twist!


I ordered the cab for 4:20am tomorrow morning.  Brett should get to the airport with some time to spare.  I just couldn't face driving him at such an early hour and being an emotional mess all the way home, then having to get the girls to school and me into work for a long and stressful day.  Belmont taxi - you better get him and his luggage there on time!! Just saying..... LOL

Shelley did not do well with her bedtime tonight.  Daddy put her to bed and little sobs came from the purple girls room.  It was sad....daddy is her hero.  Brett tucked her in, chatted to her, consoled her, and then I took over.  I finally had her giggling at the fact that daddy has a 'golden speedo' that he has to sport somewhere in Africa for the BTT team!  Thank you, golden speedo!!!!

It's 10:25pm and Brett is in bed, asleep.  I'm sad but happy.  My soul mate is about to embark on a dream.  I have to make sacrifices too in order for him to do this.  A small price to pay in order for your man to fill that bucket list....yes.....alas.....that freaking bucket list!!

Thanks for following......please sign up as a follower.  Brett will be able to view his followers while in Johannesburg and Cape Town...

Love and Peace


  1. Brett's going to seriously kick ass at this and will come back no worse for wear. I think the only thing to really worry about is that he'll want to do it again!

  2. Hey Dave, thanks for the encouraging words ;)

    If he wants to do this again, I assure you, he will need to BUY me next time... :)

  3. I do think he is a bit "crazy" :) ... though I am sure he will totally ROCK this! I am looking forward to reading your updates!