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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 1 - Completed ..Sand, Sand, Sand and more SAND!!!

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(At registration)
(I'd know those feet anywhere!)
Taken at registration!!

At 9:00am South African time on Saturday, October 27, 2012, a group of 'Extreme'-ly insane athletes took to the sandy trails of the Kalahari desert.  Hot, dry and with a long day ahead, each runner out to conquer their goal.  A Goal that we, at home, couldn't possibly comprehend.

Patrick Hobbs blew the foghorn which marked the start of the 245 km journey through the relentless Kalahari.  I can only imagine the surge of adrenalin felt by both athletes and crew members, alike.  

With milder temperatures at the start of the race accompanied with a most welcomed breeze, the race began.  Not too much later the terrain turned into the real Kalahari oven it's promised to be.  

Brett did really well on his first day covering a total distance of 18.6 miles in 4hrs52.
Completing his first day at number 25 in mens overall.  

“I fear this was just a warm up for what’s about to come. It was an amazing day with fantastic views and lots and lots of sand.” - Brett (taken from race director's report)

My friend, Jess, and I sat up to toast the start of Brett's journey with filled glasses.  I cannot deny the fact that a tear pricked my eye however, that tear represented excitement and pride for the man in my life.  Thanks Jess for staying up with me (and helping polish off that yummy bottle of red).

While Brett was not spotted in this YouTube clip, you will see what their first day was like.  Quite honestly, after watching this I am more convinced than ever that the love of my life is indeed, having a mid-life crisis!!!  Just saying...... 

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More to come tomorrow....

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