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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The 'Eagle' has landed !!!

Brett landed at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg at 8:10am South African time (2:10am US time) and ALL his luggage arrived safely, too.  Hows that for luck considering he didn't even put a name tag on his most important bag?!!

Although he didn't sleep on the journey over, his voice was filled with energy.  My brother, Chris, text me to say he had my precious cargo and all was well.  The girls and I got to speak to Brett one last time before the upcoming 'incommunicado' for seven days :( sad face!!  He had just been to the pub and had a good old South African burger and laughed when I told him "no fair"!  Sweet revenge, I'll find it!!

At 6:30am tomorrow morning Brett will embark on a 10 hour bus ride to Augrabies Falls National Park.  Once there, he will collect a map, chalet keys and a breakfast pack (I have no idea what a breakfast pack is!).

Tomorrow night they will all enjoy a typical South African 'potjie' for dinner.  NOW I'm envious...that's just not right!!! Many of our American friends have feasted on our winter potjie's and know how amazing they are however, nothing beats one is S.A!!  Nothing! Potjiekos....
English: Pot - Afrikaans: Potjie
English: Food - Afrikaans: kos

While the days are hot in the Kalahari, averaging around 100F the nights quickly turn cold (40F).  That's a vast difference.  Some may find relief in the vastness but others might find it too extreme.  African's will not enjoy the dramatic change in climate.  Well I surely wouldn't.  We African's love the heat, in all shapes and forms.  Cold is not an option.

To Brett:  Sleep well my love.  You will need it.  We love you and look forward to tracking your race.  Just remember...... DFIU!!!!

Thanks for following all,

Love and Peace,

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