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Friday, October 26, 2012

He's's there....they finally meet...Brett and the Kalahari

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(This song was written and sung by Race Director, Simon Kelly)

I spoke to Brett this morning and he still sounds energized and ready for this race.  

While on the bus ride to the Kalahari, the trailer the bus was towing had a tire blow out.  Unfortunately, that set the journey back by approximately 3 hours.  In total, the bus ride from Johannesburg to the Augrabies Falls took 14 hours!  I could handle that on a plane however, on a bus? No!

He said he got to spend time with the race crew and a few racers (others went to bed early) late last night and they shared their many stories of races past.  He learned a lot from that, I guess. 

This morning they had their own time to do as they wished until 10:30am.  Thereafter, each racer went through the medical assessment which included Doctor's clearance letters and general health checks.  Their dehydrated foods were inspected for all seven days and confirmed to be at a minimum of 2000 calories.  Brett's did fine!  

In the afternoon, all racers and crew went on a Game drive through the Kalahari.  They were at arms length away from Giraffes and the baboons were everywhere.  He didn't list all the animals he saw but said it was great.  Tonight, they will enjoy dinner at the Augrabies Fall Lodge.  Their last 'real' meal until Friday, November 2nd, when they will enjoy (and feast upon) light sandwiches after they finish the race.  Can you imagine what that is going to taste like after seven full days of dried and dehydrated food?  It sends shivers down my spine!  While their taste buds may jump up and down with joy, I do feel bad for those digestive systems!  

At 8:00am tomorrow (2:00am US time) the 13th Annual Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon will begin.  The crew consists of race Director's, Medical Doctor's, many photographer's and videographer's, massage therapists, trauma nurses, etc.  This is a well organized race, no doubt.  So, I tell myself, Brett has this one...he is going to nail it.  

Until later, thanks for following...

Love and Peace,

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