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Friday, October 12, 2012

T Minus 14 days ... and counting!!

It's true..... Brett is experiencing his mid-life crisis!  Or so I am convinced.  No-one can tell me otherwise since this is just insane to me.  Then again, doing a triathlon is unfathomable to me, too.  My mid-life crisis is/will be a purse dog, new kitten or a camping camper.  But this?  Well, as my brother would say "All my life!!!"

But alas, being the wifey that I am, I encourage and support him all the way, although it will be virtual support this time :(  Nicole, Shelley and I (and the cat - Weeties) will stay behind in the cold fall weather while Brett experiences an average temp of 105 degrees F, daily!

This Blog will include the daily update from the race Director's, as I receive them.  Usually once a day.  I will also write from Brett's girl's perspectives, all four of us!  At times the Director's will send along YouTube clips and I will post the links to those, too.  I hope you become a follower to support Brett and enjoy the posts I do to keep you all informed.  For me, for 7 days, no news is good news.  There is zero contact between Brett and I in that time.  So you can imagine, I will be sitting with baited breath until he arrives in Johannesburg after the race so that we can communicate.

So, let's begin.....


On January 3rd this year, Brett did his first trail run, ever (thanks Jorge!).  He fell in love instantly.  Every few weeks a boxed package would arrive on the front door step.  Nicole and I secretly hoping he had ordered something fun, only to find very brightly colored trail running sneakers!  Major disappointment!  First ones were too big, next ones were not comfortable, others were OK, then he needed extra's.  Cha Ching!

As the time has drawn nearer, the time spent running has intensified.  As all you triathlon/runners will agree, the time spent training increases ten-fold as you near a race date and for us wives and families, it means daddy is away more and schedules become more of our responsibilities than usual.  But again, if we can accommodate his desire to fill that bucket list, then we support it.  I just hope he supports my purse dog, kitten or camping camper!!!!

Today, I post my first picture.  This is his back pack that he will be running with each day.  It weighs 25lbs.  It consists of all his food for seven days, bedding, emergency supplies, medical supplies, clothing (minimal) and titanium cup (used for bowl as well) and utensils.  Every ounce counts!

As Shelley would say "Daddy, you're cray".....

Am I nervous? Yeah I'm nervous.  Running a marathon every day and on other days just under that distance is grueling and especially in that heat.  But this blog shall be my therapy.  My girls, being a single parent and my job will keep me focused on other things and when I hear his voice on November 4th, all will be well :)

GO BRETT GO!!!!!  JY IS MAL.....

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