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Friday, October 19, 2012

Four days and counting (dreading)!

Four days and counting (dreading!)

Four days from now Brett will be in-flight, South Africa bound.  Doing a mental check of all the things he needed to pack – what he might have left behind (c’mon, everyone leaves something behind) and hopefully sleeping on that long and torturous flight.

Four days from now I will be at work, fighting back those dreadful tears.  Brett and I do not do well apart, never have, and never will.  I remind myself every day that this ‘thing’ he is doing is a happy thing (for him!) and to be happy for him.  So far, I’m getting there ;)

It seems race registration is set up and ready to go at the Augrabies Falls Lodge.  The race Director’s have been hard at work every day setting up for this 6 day stage race.  When I look at the pictures they have taken so far, I see all the flags representing the various Countries of corresponding runners, the American flag is there J  These people are no ordinary gals and guys, (obviously, coz they’re all crazy for doing this) instead, as they put it, are a family.   I follow their posts each day on Facebook and am reminded that many of them have never met yet each day they are sharing tips, new-finds and sending encouraging words.  Today they posted pictures of the sandy river beds.  “Sandy river beds”?  Seriously?  A river of sand perhaps but no water to be seen!  Holy hell…perhaps someday I will find where the fun factor is in all of this…. just haven’t found it yet!

In his final days of prep, Brett will do a run tomorrow (Saturday), vacuum seal all his meals for seven days, pack and then hopefully chill as much as he can before he leaves early on Tuesday morning. 

This poor man’s toes!  I have never seen such messed up toes in all of my life.  They’re black and blue!  I see pictures of the other runners taping their toes (each toe is individually wrapped) but when asked he says not yet.  Well, OK then…..

He will certainly see some amazing sunrises and sets, thats a guarantee.  African sunsets will send shivers down your spine they are indescribable.  He's also bound to meet many a 'friend' as he turns corners like others did last year (photo borrowed from a previous runner).  Imagine his surprise running straight into this?!

Well this is about all for today.  This evening we are having our last date night before he leaves.  Monday night he has requested a family dinner (the four of us) and then off he goes.

Watch this space for more to come!
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