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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bags and Cabs and Airplanes .. Oh My!

With alarm set for 4am, Brett rolled out of bed even though he had been awake for some time before that awful tone he has set on his phone sounded.  I felt him tossing and turning during the night, clearly in anticipation for the long haul he has ahead of him.  A short flight to New York City followed by a grueling 16 hour (approx.) flight to Johannesburg, S.A.  Those flights are wicked in every way imaginable. He has been in the air for about 11.5 hours now but there is only so much reading, eating, drinking (not that he will be doing any of that before this race) and movie watching one can do.  Let's hope he can get some sleep, at least.

I woke up at 5:30am and text him saying: "Don't forget to put name tag on your checked baggage", then attempted some more sleep.  Only a few hours later my phone beeped showing a message from him: "Ha ha ha, I forgot about that.  Oh well, let's hope it gets there, it has all my food in it".  MEN!!!!  Just a minor detail - food.  Who needs it anyway!!  See what happens when wifey doesn't do things?  Just sayin......

After one day in Johannesburg with my brother, Chris and his family, Brett will take a ten hour bus ride out to the Kalahari desert.  There, he and fellow runners will enjoy a full day of orientation.  The race begins on Saturday with a temperature averaging 99F.  At time of departure from 86 Creeley Road, his backpack weighed in at 24lbs (give or take a few oz).  I wonder what (if anything) he will purge while in JHB.  One thing's for sure..that legendary golden speedo isn't going anywhere.  Aside from his food and 'bag balm', that item is his most valued possession.  He will make you proud BTT.  Thank God I'm not there!!!!

A fellow runner posted a picture of what they found now and when they were racing last year...I can barely bring myself to post the picture since anyone who knows me, knows the intense fear I have of snakes...but here it is...a black spitting Cobra....

A post from a fellow runner who gave me a good chuckle today was this one:

For those of you who don't know all food is dried because of weight.  They will boil water to add to dried meals (I can't even imagine!).  But imagine having this? LOL

I look forward to hearing my favorite man's voice on the phone tomorrow, at some point.  

Good night!

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  1. Love your posts! I think I'll have to hire you as my blog keeper going forward! :)

    1. Why thank you....and anytime...I love it