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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Kalahari

Boo !!!

Taken as a screen shot from a YouTube clip (thanks, Nicole), you will see that Brett is still in high spirits despite the conditions dealt to him by the Kalahari.  If you see this clip, and replay it let's say about three times, you will hear a very soft and very quick "hullo".  This is the typical 'hullo' he gives his girls when being funny.  Before Brett left, Shelley gave him the orange Halloween teeth to sport on Halloween, never thinking he actually would.  When I showed her the clip this evening, she almost fell off the sofa with laughter.  It has gotten to a point of not bringing up the subject of Daddy too much because she becomes very weepy.  My worst is Wednesday's when she reminds me that it is 'track nights' and daddy isn't here to take her!  Breaks my heart.  At least tonight, she was able to see him and laugh and I mean really laugh!!


Today was the second to last day of this unfathomable race.  For me it has been an eternity yet when I sit back to reflect, it seems like he left only a couple of days ago.  To Brett, well we will only know how he sees it when he comes home with a mindful of stories to share.  As the race winds down, these runners are constantly reminded of what awaits them back at the Augrabies Lodge:  warm showers, soft towels, SOAP!, soft bedding, fun banter and plenty of 'real' food and alcohol.  Everything they deserve short of the warm embraces of the people so proud of them.  That comes later!  

Now that I have seen him and seen his untainted witt, sarcasm and humor, I feel content in knowing he is where he wants to be.  Brett Johnston is doing what he wants to do and is where is chose to be along with people who share the same desires, similar beliefs and potentially, insane  goals.  If you had asked me 24 years ago what I thought Brett would be doing when he turns 40, this is, by far, the most ridiculously laughable idea that anyone could have come up with.  But truth be known, a short nine years ago, the love of my life arrived in the USA with at least 90lbs more than he has now.  Someone who never exercised or complained of his wife's baking.  Now I get an earful when I bake (because he can't walk by without eating it) and questioned why I haven't baked this week (when the jar is empty).  I, Theresa Johnston, give up!  

We are all amazing people with valuable qualities that not many take the time to see.  The next time you have the opportunity to see someone differently, please do.  You will be amazed at what you see when you look just that little bit deeper.  

Tomorrow is Brett's last race day.  If I could send him anything it would be all the strength and energy from my own body.  He already has a strong mind.  I have energy, there's no doubt, however, if any of you readers could send him strength....GO FOR IT!!!!

See Brett and these times in the clip:
1 minute 36 seconds
3 minutes 38 seconds (Brett's new friend?? Saying Brett is kickin his butt)
3 minutes 41 seconds (A saying he said when we were teens "Love to stay and chat, but must be on our way - thinking of you Stewart)
14 minutes 41 seconds (Halloween- the famous orange teethed "Hullo")

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Love and Peace

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